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Ironstone – Molded Saucer - Lessard

Ironstone Saucer One ironstone saucer about 5 inches in diameter, with a relief decoration of what looks like large flower petals, was found during the 2006 excavation of an early 1840s to 1860s privy in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. It has a registry diamond mark dating to April 1846. Registry diamond markings were part of a Design Copyright Act that enabled manufacturers, designers, or dealers to register their ornamental designs. This registry was signified by a registry diamond, with different marks signifying class, month, day of month, year, and parcel number. The codes for the registry provided in Kowalsky and Kowalsky (1999:578) indicate a date for the saucer of April 1846, but the day of the month cannot be discerned.

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