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Lithic Artifacts – La Crosse County, WI

Lithic artifacts These lithic artifacts were recovered during Phase II archaeological testing at a site in La Crosse County, Wisconsin, in the 1990s.

Left - This broken bifacial tool exhibits a high degree of polish towards the tip, suggesting use as a digging implement. It is snapped, with a large fracture reflecting breakage during use. The tool is made of a brown-white Burlington chert with many inclusions of fossilized crinoid stems.

Right - This complete bifacial knife has extensive edge resharpening. It is made of a gray-white Burlington chert with numerous small, tan-colored fossiliferous inclusions.

Bottom - These two complete Madison Triangular projectile points are of local chert and fall within the range of variation for local projectile points associated with the late precontact Oneota tradition.