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Pammel Creek Phase, Midway Incised, v. bold

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Pot sherd

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Type: Midway Incised, variety Bold Lip

Shoulder Description: Alternating patterns of oblique tool trails (Boszhardt 1994: 204).

Lip Decoration: Relatively bold impressions, frequently applied with fingers to the lip top or less frequently to the lip exterior. These often make a crenelated or pie crust effect or alternating sections of flattened and plain type (231).

Culture: Oneota, La Crosse Locality

Period: Late Prehistoric Period, Pammel Creek Phase, A.D. 1400-1500.

Site: Sanford Archaeological District, 47LC394-12

Provenience: Feature 407

Artifact ID: 91.2148.02

Curated at: Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Citation: Boszhardt, Robert F.
1994 Oneota Group Continuity at La Crosse: The Brice Prairie, Pammel Creek, and Valley View Phases. The Wisconsin Archaeologist 75(3-4): 173-236.