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Pearlware Transfer Print Platter

Pearlware Transfer Print Platter Fragments of at least 49 pearlware vessels were recovered during the 1999 excavations at Second Fort Crawford in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. These included undecorated pearlware vessels along with decorations such as transfer print, hand painted, annular designed, and edged decorated. Transfer printed vessels are the most prevalent in the pearlware assemblage from the fort, with portions of at least 23 transfer printed vessels recovered.

The pearlware transfer print platter pictured here has large flowers surrounding the rim with a band of heartlike designs at the edge. Although this platter is broken, the remaining portion of the center scene shows two men in a boat, on a lake surrounded by flowers, shrubs, and buildings. This scene is surrounded by a white wavy band that separates it from the large flowers on the rim.