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Valley View Phase, Valley View Trailed

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Pot sherd

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Type: Valley View Trailed

Shoulder Description: Closely spaced, vertical tool trails all around the vessel (Boszhardt 1994: 231).

Lip Decoration: Relatively fine notching, usually applied with tool, on top of the lip along the entire rim. Notches may be oriented perpendicular to rim, or oblique to right or left (233).

Culture: Oneota, La Crosse Locality

Period: Late Prehistoric Period, Valley View Phase, A.D. 1450-1625.

Site: Valley View, 47LC34

Provenience: Feature 7

Artifact ID: 78.155.14

Curated at: Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Citation: Boszhardt, Robert F.
1994 Oneota Group Continuity at La Crosse: The Brice Prairie, Pammel Creek, and Valley View Phases. The Wisconsin Archaeologist 75(3-4): 173-236.