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Black Walnut Rockshelter, Perrot State Park

Black Walnut Rockshelter You can visit Black Walnut Rockshelter, off the Black Walnut Trail in Perrot State Park. The shelter is found in the sandstone on the northwest facing slope of Brady's Bluff, and today measures 35 x 12 meters. Much has been buried by slumping from the roof of the shelter, but it would originally have been large enough for an adult to stand upright. Limited testing near the dripline identified a hearth and some sherds that are related to the Middle Woodland culture. That would make it contemporaneous with other habitation and mound sites in Perrot State Park, and might have served as a winter residence for a small group of people.

3D Black Walnut Rockshelter

Link to 3D image. 

3D scan courtesy Dr. David A. Anderson, Associate Professor, UWL, Dept, of Archaeology & Anthropology.