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Pammel Creek 1988-98 Excavation

Views of Pammel Creek and excavation

The Pammel Creek Site occupies a low terrace at the south end of the city of La Crosse, Wisconsin. The site was occupied during the Fifteenth century, A.D. by a culture we now call Oneota. Since its discovery, a large portion of the Pammel Creek Site has been transformed from a city park into a large artificial sedimentation basin. It has also witnessed a series of archaeological investigations at the site by the MVAC.  Pictured is an aerial view of the 1988-1989 excavations at the Pammel Creek site (left) and Bonnie Jancik, Connie Arzigian and Susan Motschman excavating Feature 139 in 1989 (right).  Read more about the 1988-1989 excavations in The Wisconsin Archeologist, Volume 70, Numbers 1-2, March-June 1989.