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Making sashes 1

Let’s see. I was thinking about this as I was making sashes and it isn’t an easy thing to do. Each stage of it is time consuming, right from the start where you have to string-up the yarn. It’s got to be a certain tension. Then you’ve got to get the part where it holds the yarn together. Then you’ve got to measure it for the width of, either if it’s going to be a waistband, or an armband, or a headband, or whatever length it’s got to be, you’ve got to measure that. And you’ve got to measure the fringe. But even before that, before you start that, you’ve got to figure out the math in your head, not in your head, but write it down however wide it’s got to be, five inches, the pattern you’re going to use. It’s all different stages. You can’t just start stringing it up, and cutting it, and weaving it. You’ve got to take certain stages.

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Making sashes 2

I just mostly want to stress how that’s really – each step is really important. Take time at each step. You’ve got to take care in what you do, the amount of strings you use, and you have to take care of everything. Then when you have it strung up like that, it’s like a frame there, like a weaving frame. When you’re weaving, the amount of tension you use on the strings – you might pull one too far and it will be crooked like that. It’s all really time consuming. [There’s] a lot of steps to it. Each step is important.

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Wearing sashes

Men and their outfit they have, they wear them on top of their shirt so you can see the pattern. But the women have to wear them under their shirt or their blouse. So all you can see is the fringe hanging down.

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