Early Maps

Sometimes references to sites are found on old maps made by the early explorers. Most of the time nothing can now be seen on the ground. Some interesting sites are identified in this way, and important information can be learned.

T. H. Lewis, an early surveyor, mapped the area of the Valley View site in Onalaska in 1885, showing an embankment surrounding the site, and two ditches paralleling the embankment. (Map redrawn).
The 1979 Valley View site excavation map is superimposed on the map of Lewis's enclosure. Note in particular the long thin features matching Lewis's ditches on the north side of the site.
Joseph Nicollet prepared this map October 7, 1839. It shows "Indian Camp and Graves" on a hill near the lower La Crosse River. [Taken from An Atlas of Early maps of the Midwest, compiled by W. Raymond Wood. Illinois State Museum Scientific Papers Vol. XVIII.]