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WIAA Permits


Volunteers will receive specific parking instructions from WIAA officials, which may include a complimentary dashboard parking permit valid for a specific lot(s). The dashboard permit must be displayed to enter any of the “Volunteer & Meet Personnel” parking lots.  UWL is not responsible for lost or stolen permits.  

If you do not receive a parking permit from the WIAA or wish to purchase additional permits, you may do so by following the instructions below. 

Permits may be purchased online or with the Passport Parking mobile app. University Police and Parking Services staff will direct customers where to park. 

Your license plate will be your permit so make sure that you accurately enter your vehicle information. 

We encourage you to purchase your permit online prior to arriving on campus.     

Day permits - $10 per car and $20 per bus/oversized vehicle. 

Meet permits - $25 per car and $50 per bus/oversized vehicle (valid Thursday-Saturday). **Volunteers staying in Reuter Hall should purchase the meet permits which include overnight parking.


Online Parking Portal 

**Recommended (may purchase multiple days or full meet permit)

  1. Create a Guest User Account (select State Track Meet Attendee for classification) 
  2. Click Get Permits 
  3. Click Next to continue
  4. Select Permit Auto/Van or Bus/RV and day or full meet. Bus/RV parking is defined as any vehicle that takes up more than one space. Certain vans may be too large to park in a standard space. 
  5. Select Permit Agreement and click Next
  6. Add vehicle 
  7. Select vehicle and click Next 
  8. Choose location (WIAA Parking Lot)
  9. View cart 
  10. To purchase multiple permits, click Add Permits
  11. Repeat steps 3-9
  12. Select payment method 
  13. Confirm Purchase 
  14. Checkout 
  15. Enter credit card or electronic check information and click Next 
  16. Enter email 
  17. Submit payment 
  18. Payment receipt 
  19. You will receive two email confirmations - one for permit purchase confirmation and one for payment confirmation. 

Contact the Parking Services Office (608-785-8061) if you need to make changes or if you have any issues.

Passport Parking

(must download mobile app) 

We encourage you to download the app and pay for your parking session prior to arriving to campus each day. The app only allows "day of use" purchases and does not include overnight parking. We recommend this option only for volunteers not staying on campus.

  1. Select Zone
    351 Volunteers not staying on campus (valid in the ramp, C-1, C-7, and C-12)
    450 Oversized Vehicles (valid in C-1 and C-7) 
  2. Enter vehicle information 
  3. Enter payment information 

Please contact Parking Services at 608.785.8061 or by email with questions. 

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