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Healing the Political Divide

A Path Forward

It is clear, Americans are more divided than ever.  We have become polarized on issues of social justice, race, gender, and the economy.  Families and friendships have perished as a result.

We may find ourselves surrounded by or interacting with those with differing opinions.  How do we work with or maintain relationships with those who hold such vast differing viewpoints?

The Joint Committee on Free Speech Promotion would like to share this free online event offered by the National Conflict Resolution Center on February 11, 2021 called “A Path Forward: Healing the Political Divide.”  Arthur Brooks, professor and author, will share his roadmap on how we can build a better country: “To bring our country together, we shouldn’t try to agree more, but to disagree different” (National Conflict Resolution Center, n.d.).

Get more information and register online for this event at

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  • 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 11, 2021




For questions about this event or to request disability accommodations , contact Heather Dutcher at 608.785.5487 or