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Latest recommended date for Dept. Chair to send 20 Day Review Notice to 3-6 year probationary Faculty

You can access this data through this direct link. To access this information from the web, visit and click on "Payroll and Data".  From there, on the right side, there is a button that links you to this same "Supervisor Dashboard" report.  The faculty data buttons are located towards the bottom of the list on the left side.

*Personnel data for ranked and tenured faculty is housed in the HRS system and the user interface is through a Tableau table. Individual faculty can access their own data at any time. Department chairs can see the data on their department's faculty and deans on college faculty. Personnel data include date of hire, promotion eligibility dates, promotion attainment dates, post-tenure review schedues, tenure attainment and decisions dates and retention/contract dates for probationary faculty. Note: Potential discrepancies in the data should be brought to the attention of HR.


  • Wednesday, Oct. 20


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