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New Spring/Winter Textbook Adoption Deadline

Please verify that you are eligible for a new book based on the 3 years/3-time use (whichever is greater) in the Textbook Rental Adoption Policy. Please remember that in Textbook Rental you have a limit of $100 for multiple books and there is no $ limit for primary books. If you have used a book that was purchased within the past 3 years by another instructor, that dollar amount will count against your $100 limit, so please, do your research before putting in a new adoption. If you are unsure of the dollar amount or if you are eligible for a new book, please feel free to reach out to your ADA or myself and we will help you determine your eligibility.


  • Noon Saturday, Oct. 8


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For questions about this event or to request disability accommodations , contact UWL Provost Office at 608.785.8042 or


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