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UW System Career Trek: Grassland Dairy

This event is part of the UW System Fall 2022 Virtual Career Trek series and is hosted by UW-River Falls.

Attending a Virtual Career trek is an opportunity:

• to engage with industry professionals

• expand your network

• increase your awareness of career possibilities

You can build connections that will help with your job search AND discover potential career paths that you might not have considered. It’s a unique chance to learn about a company of interest, any job or internship opportunities they have available, and what they might look for in candidates that apply.

The Virtual Career Treks will be hosted every Tuesday at 2 PM. Learn more and see the schedule here:


This week's Trek: Grassland Dairy

Built by tradition. Sustained by innovation. Since 1904, the Wuethrich Family has worked with hundreds of Wisconsin dairy farmers to consistently produce the highest quality dairy ingredients. Generations of fathers, sons, mothers and daughters have worked with the Wuethrich family of Grassland Dairy. This strong, supportive community of men and women was born and bred out of an age-old tradition that emphasizes respect for the land and its people. They uphold Grassland’s mission of being champions and stewards of our land day in and day out.

Industry: Agriculture

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  • 2 to 3 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2022




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