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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summit, Call for Proposals

Application Deadline

Apply to be part of the 2024 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summit! 

CATL is proud to host the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summit 2024, a dedicated forum to explore the transformative potential and challenges of artificial intelligence within higher education. We cordially invite instructors, staff, administrators, and students to join us to consider the role of AI at UWL. This is an opportunity to share what you’re doing and thinking about AI and to learn with/from others.

You are invited to submit a proposal for poster presentation, flash presentation, demonstration, panel or roundtable proposal. We invite projects at any stage of development related to any of the following themes:

  • Teaching with AI in Higher Education:
    • How are faculty members at universities integrating AI into their curriculum and pedagogy?
    • What potential does AI hold for enhancing classroom assignments and student engagement?
  • AI-Driven Assessment in Universities:
    • How can AI tools reshape assessment methodologies in higher education?
    • What are the implications of AI-generated feedback for student evaluations and grading?
  • Student Uses and Perceptions of AI:
    • How are students at universities leveraging AI for their academic pursuits?
    • How does AI connect to the development of career competencies?
  • Ethical and Policy Considerations in Higher Education:
    • How should universities address the ethical dilemmas posed by AI, from intellectual property concerns to academic integrity?
    • What policies and enforcement mechanisms are universities adopting to ensure responsible AI integration?
  • AI and Academic Research:
    • Can AI tools, like ChatGPT, be recognized as contributors or co-authors in academic publications?
    • How is AI influencing research methodologies and outputs in universities?
  • AI in University Support and Administration:
    • How are AI-driven tools transforming academic support, from tutoring to advising?
    • What role does AI play in university administrative tasks, HR, and service roles?
    • What impact does AI have on faculty workload, from lesson planning to research?
  • Critical Perspectives on AI in Higher Education:
    • How can faculty and administrators critically assess the growing influence of AI in university settings?

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submissions are open to instructors, administrators, and all academic professionals. (Students may be included as co-presenters.)
  • Presentation formats include poster presentations, 5-10 minute flash presentations, 10-15 minute demonstrations, 30-45 minute panel discussion, and 30-45 minute roundtable discussions. To aid in planning, we will ask you to check all formats that you would consider and we will follow-up once all submissions have been reviewed.
  • Please provide a title, a one-sentence summary, and a 250-500 word abstract.
  • Submit your application here.

Important Dates:

  • Submission Deadline: 11:59pm on EXTENDED to February 18, 2024
  • AI Summit Date: Friday, May 17 from 9am-1pm, Great Hall in Cleary Center

For more information, please visit the summit website


    Past occurrences (1)

    • 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 18


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