Posted 7:30 a.m. Thursday, May 5, 2022

Peer tutors Emma Weber (Writing Center) and Julia Koenitzer (Public Speaking Center). Photo provided by Katherine Lavelle.

Student-led panel discussion links UWL experiences to the professional world

By Katherine Lavelle

On April 5, 2022, Murphy Learning Center (MLC) peer tutors Julia Koenitzer (Public Speaking Center) and Emma Weber (Writing Center) participated in a panel discussion with undergraduate and graduate students from UW-La Crosse Career Services and the Leadership and Involvement Center. The panel discussion “GE Classes Meet Eagle Advantage” explored the relationship between General Education courses and Eagle Advantage competencies. Courses in the General Education Program collectively provide students with opportunities to learn skills and competencies they can utilize in professional environments. This interactive conversation about how General Education classes connect with the eight Eagle Advantage Competencies was designed to help undergraduate students apply their experiences in these courses to the professional environment.  

Koenitzer served as moderator of the panel and Weber shared her experience as a Writing Center tutor and as a senior seeking post-graduate employment. The panelists discussed how Eagle Advantage competencies align with course work, how knowledge and understanding of them helped in their academic and professional lives and discussed ways that instructors can more specifically embed them into their coursework. This collaboration with Career Services and the Leadership and Involvement Center is hopefully one of many future projects to connect the work done in the MLC with career readiness and other offices on campus.