A farewell in photos

UWL alum reflects on six years as university photographer

Posted noon Friday, July 29, 2022

A sun sets over Hoeschler Tower.

For the last six years, UWL has been my second home. From sunrise to sunset, I have captured wide-eyed first-year students, researchers, alumni, campus life and new graduates smiling onstage with a degree in hand. These images, along with my work at UWL, will forever be archived in the 113-year history of this campus. I am leaving UWL to pursue a career in teaching, but I leave with a heavy heart. I am leaving a place I love and a job I love. As an alum, UWL has blessed me with amazing professors and the education I needed to launch my career as a photographer, and I am forever grateful for that. It’s incredible knowing that my images will be used for years if not decades. Maybe 100 years from now, my images could be used to talk about how we existed through a pandemic or how UWL has endured for two centuries. How epic would that be?

As I leave my digital footprint on campus, I had a chance to pick a few favorite outdoor images out of the 33,000 edited images I have taken. It was a tough choice narrowing it down, but I think these showcase the campus well. Thanks to UWL for the support. I hope you enjoy these moments in time during my tenure at one of the greatest colleges in the Midwest.

Go Eagles,

Mike Lieurance

Students near Hoeschler Tower.
Maple trees in full color in front of Morris Hall.
Students walk to Cartwright Center with Grandad Bluff in the background.
Graff Main Hall with spring blooms.
A view of campus from Miller Bluff.
Two UWL students take in the fall views on Miller Bluff.
Students walk through blinding snowfall near Hoeschler Tower.
Spring blooms in front of Graff Main Hall.
An aerial shot of a bluff on the south side of La Crosse.
A sunset over Hoescher Tower.
Students between classes near the Prairie Springs Science Center.
Students walk out of Hutchison Hall.
The Student Union at night.
UWL Vanguards in the leaves.
A UWL track coach shovels snow off the track before practice.
A drone view of Rotary Lights in downtown La Crosse.
A UWL swimmer in studio.
UWL students hanging out in Grandad Bluff Park.
Rime frost on Miller Bluff.
A UWL pumpkin carving.
A fall view of Veterans Memorial Field Sports Complex.
Flowers in front of the Student Union.
A view down Badger Street.
A sunset looking west over campus.
A student shovels snow off the Eagle "L" on the football field.