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A Laux Hall facelift

A Laux Hall facelift

Renovations revitalize longtime residence hall

All historical images courtesy of UWL Murphy Library Special Collections/ARC.

Posted 1:32 p.m. Friday, Aug. 18, 2023

Residence halls built in the ’60s are getting upgrades. Laux Hall, built in ’64, saw its first phase renovation in spring 2019, with updating of electrical, fire suppression and bathrooms. In summer 2022, renovation included new paint, flooring, lighting and furniture. Floor lounges and the lobby were reconfigured, along with an update to the basement layout and kitchen area. Here’s a look at Laux Hall over the years. 

Who was Laux?

History Professor William Laux taught on campus from 1922-67. Popular among students, he was known for his humor and ability to “make history come alive.” Laux was a longtime friend and confidant of University President Rexford Mitchell, with whom his golf matches at Maple Grove Country Club were legendary. 

Did U know?

Residence halls on the east side of campus were named for long-serving campus male professors, and originally housed men until going co-ed in the ’70s (and mid-’80s for Reuter). The halls’ namesakes and their years built:

  • Hans Reuter (Physical Education),1958 and 2006
  • Orris O. White (English), 1962, Phase 2 renovation this summer
  • William Laux (History),1964
  • Albert Sanford (History), 1967, currently in Phase 1 renovation

Note: Residence halls north of Morris Hall and the Lowe Center for the Arts were named after impactful female professors and originally built to house female students.

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All historical images courtesy of UWL Murphy Library Special Collections/ARC.


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