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Posted 8:54 a.m. Friday, June 4, 2021

Bryan Nehring, ’83, assistant equipment manager for the Green Bay Packers, gets a hug from former Packers Quarterback Brett Favre

Meet a fellow UWL Alumni Association member

Bryan Nehring ’83
Major: Health education, concentration in athletic training
Current city: Green Bay
Current job: Assistant Equipment Manager, Green Bay Packers

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Alumni Association member Bryan Nehring, '83
  • Why did you join the UWL Alumni Association?
    To help, along with fellow alumni, support the school that not only gave me a great education, but also a summer internship that led to a fantastic career!

  • Why is it important to support the UWL Alumni Association?
    To help support and make sure the “La Crosse Experience” that I know and love — and propelled me on my course in life — is there for every student today and always.

  • What Association benefits do you enjoy the most?
    The opportunities to stay connected with UW-La Crosse. Receiving the Lantern is one of those benefits that helps me keep up on changes to the campus, curriculum, staff and faculty, and student life, plus recognition of fellow alumni.

  • What else?
    I’m excited to be a member of the UWL Alumni Association to not only help support the education I received there — not only the athletic training classes and curriculum or health education classes, but who can forget Mr. & Mrs. Weekly and their love of music after taking their music appreciation class or, Rollo Taylor’s social dance class? — but to support the student life at UWL. Plus, the campus and faculty that support student life and create the whole “La Crosse Experience.”


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