Posted 7 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020

Three UWL transfer students shared their stories as part of National Transfer Student Week (Oct. 19-23).

Read our three-part series celebrating UWL transfer students

Transfer students are an integral part of the UW-La Crosse community.

They comprise nearly 13% of UWL’s student population, and bring with them a unique range of talents and experiences that enrich our university. 

During National Transfer Student Week (Oct. 19-23), UWL celebrated these students by sharing some of their stories — their challenges, their achievements, their hopes for the future.

José Rubio-Zepeda, a transfer retention specialist at UWL, says the university’s strong contingent of transfer students is worth celebrating not just during National Transfer Student Week, but year-round.

“Transfer students have diverse student needs and identities, and it’s important to recruit them in order to build more pathways into earning a baccalaureate degree,” he says. “We must also celebrate them and their contributions, build empathy, and instill more transfer pride at UWL.”

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