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Faculty Faves

Faculty Faves
Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor holds an associate degree from West Valley Community College in California, bachelor's and master's degrees from California State University Sacramento, and a doctorate degree from Indiana University Bloomington.

Posted 1:33 p.m. Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Assistant Professor, Recreation Management & Recreational Therapy
Began at UWL: 2018
  • Favorite class to teach: We have a new Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Healthcare class that I am so excited to be a part of working with recreational, occupational and physical therapy students all in the same class. However, the First Year Seminar Happiness Project class is probably a tie at the moment. 
  • Favorite class in college: As a first-generation college student, I really saw college as this amazing place, so I filled my schedule with archery, sailing, glass-blowing, paper-making, outdoor rescue courses, ceramics and even kickboxing. If I had to choose one, it would likely be the outdoor backpacking course. I will never forget the memories we made during the leadership trips in the backcountry.
  • Favorite spot at UWL: Believe it or not, it’s in a small room in the Health Science Center basement where we created the Health Science Interprofessional Research Center and the Dr. Wags program. I have watched our student research assistants grow so much and celebrated their many successes.
  • Favorite pastime when not working: We live on a hobby farm with a small orchard and raise goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits and my two boys. Homesteading activities — such as canning, making goat cheese and baking — are my favorite hobbies and allow me to connect with nature, cultivate self-sufficiency and create a fulfilling, sustainable lifestyle.
  • Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere there is water, especially the ocean.
  • Final thoughts: I came here five years ago on a fluke job interview and fell in love with UWL. Honestly, I had never even been to Wisconsin. The resources, students and colleagues I work with inspire me every day to do big things.


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