Posted 8:26 a.m. Monday, Aug. 10, 2009

Eighty-five donors have given to baseball and 32 have donated to tennis. Nonetheless, while both programs have made solid progress toward their fundraising goals for the coming year, they have yet to reach the minimum amounts needed to continue the programs in 2009-10. Specifically, as of Aug. 5 baseball needs to raise another $7,258 and tennis $3,060. Although additional monies may have been pledged, funds need to be in hand by the beginning of the new academic year in order for the university to enter into contracts with the coaches for the coming season. To make a gift contact Pat Stephens, L Club/UW-L Foundation, at 785.8153 or For more on men's tennis, visit For more on baseball, visit See also, a Web site devoted to keeping the UW-L baseball program alive. See also "Baseball, tennis fundraising efforts ‘solid,’ but short of goals," La Crosse Tribune, Aug. 6. Full story: