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Grads finding career growth, stability

Posted 7:01 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023

Source: National Alumni Career Mobility Survey

Nearly all alums 5 and 10 years out report stable employment, plus more than 75 % are in the state

A survey of UW-La Crosse alumni found that five and ten years after graduation the vast majority have found work that is meaningful to them and provides opportunities for growth. Nearly all found stable employment. Not only that, more than three quarters are working in the state. 

This is the second year UWL has participated in the National Alumni Career Mobility Survey, an annual, national survey for U.S. colleges and universities on alumni career mobility at the five- and 10-year mark. The 2021 survey results include data from 2006 and 2011 graduates. 

Highlights include:  

  • 88 % say their current work is meaningful to them 
  • 95 % say they’ll likely retain their current employment until they choose to leave. 
  • 92 % say their current position provides opportunities for further learning and development 
  • 78 % of graduates stayed in the state of Wisconsin after graduation 

On many of the data points UWL results were higher than peer and national averages. 

  • Higher than peer and national averages: 81% agreed or strongly agreed their bachelor’s degree helped them get started in their career. 
  • Higher than peer and national averages: 66% said the internship(s) or related experience(s) I completed while earning their bachelor's degree were related to their current career. 
  • Higher than peer and national averages: 96% agreed or strongly agreed that the internship(s) or related experience(s) completed in college was related to their major. 

Alumni are advancing in their careers as expected.  

Five and 10 years out, the majority of alumni — 58% — were in intermediate or experienced level positions. About 29 % were in first-level management; middle-level management; and senior, executive or top-level management. The remaining 13% were in entry level positions. 


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