Posted 7:37 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2009

Pay-for-print starts on campus Monday, Aug. 17. Pay-for-print requires students to pay 6 cents per page for black and white copies and 90 cents per page for color printing done in all general computing access labs and classrooms, the reference area in Murphy Library, all residence hall labs and in the computer lab in Cartwright Center. The specific areas where pay-for-print is required are: • Wing Technology Center rooms 2, 6, 7, 15, 17, 103 and 130 • Murphy Library reference area • Murphy Library rooms 150, 153 and 273 • Wimberly Hall rooms 202, 216 and 217 • Cartwright Center room 264 • computer labs in residence halls Only students with valid university electronic credentials (8.4) will be able to print in these areas. Faculty, staff and individuals using miscellaneous accounts will not be able to print in these areas. In Murphy Library, faculty, staff and those using miscellaneous accounts who need to print should use the six public computers nearest the circulation desk. The print jobs executed from these work stations must be picked up at the circulation desk. Faculty, staff, individuals using miscellaneous accounts and the public using these computers for printing will be charged 10 cents per image for black and white and $1/image for color printing with payment required when their print job is picked up at the circulation desk. Students will receive a 60 cent credit in their printing account at the start of each semester during the regular academic year. This printing subsidy is designed to offset the fact that there will be no refunds for failed print jobs. After students use the 60 cent credit they can add funds to their printing account via  Funds added to their account will appear on the students' bill in the next billing cycle. Keep in mind that students will be charged for anything printed in the classroom. For assistance with developing alternative methods to printing for making materials available to students, contact Jim Jorstad, Educational Technologies, at 785.8048 or; or TJ Teegan, ITS Support Center, at 785.8032 or For more information, visit or or contact John Tillman, ITS, at 785.8662 or