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Photos: A slow thaw

Photos: A slow thaw

Photos of campus life after several false starts teasing us with spring, only to flip back to bitter cold and snow

Posted 8:05 a.m. Sunday, April 24, 2022

Students walk through campus with Grandad Bluff in the background

Students hang out near Centennial Hall.
Students study on picnic tables near Wittich Hall.
Students catch some rays on the patio of the Student Union.
Students play volleyball on Coate Field.
Students walk down Badger Street on a sunny day.
Students play football on Drake Field.
A spring snow falls on Hoeschler Tower.
The UWL men's track team practices in the snow.
Students walk to class on a gloomy spring day.
A reflection of Hoeschler Tower in a rain puddle.
Students and faculty find some warm rays of sunlight during an outdoor lecture.
Students enjoy the afternoon outside near Eagle Hall.
Students study next to Wimberly Hall.
Signs of spring blooms near Cowley Hall.


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