Photos: Commencement

UWL celebrated nearly 1,800 graduates during three commencement ceremonies Sunday, May 15, at the La Crosse Center.

Posted 11:07 a.m. Monday, May 16, 2022

A graduate poses by a flowering crabapple tree in Riverside Park.


Students cue up and get ready in the North Hall of the La Crosse Center.
A group of Ed.D students pose for a photo.
A graduate and faculty member hug while lining up to enter the La Crosse Center arena.
A graduate walks into the arena during the processional.
A student waves to family and friends.
A view of the ceremonies from the upper level.
Chancellor Jow Gow welcomes the graduates and families.
Graduates take the Commissioning Oath of Office.
Chancellor Joe Gow delivered an emotional Posthumous Degree to Hamud Faal's family.
A graduate receives a diploma cover from Chancellor Gow.
A wide angle view of the graduates walking across the stage.
Graduate students are seated by families during a hooding ceremony in the Ballroom of the La Crosse Center.
Therapeutic Recreation Graduate Kailee Simon was the student speaker at the hooding ceremony.
Math Professor Barbara Bennie places a hood over a graduate student.
Graduates meet with families and friends outside the La Crosse Center after the ceremonies.
A graduate walks down the levy in Riverside Park.
A graduate poses near the La Crosse Center.
Spring blooms were on full display in Riverside Park.
A graduate poses near a sculpture in Riverside Park.
The riverview is a favorite photography backdrop for graduates and families.
A couple of graduates pose for a photo in Riverside Park.
A group of graduates celebrates with confetti on the levy.
Student speaker Jonathan Idárraga gets a final adjustment to his tassel before a photo.
A group of graduate students spend some time together in Riverside Park.
A graduate student celebrates during a small gathering in Riverside Park.
The Mississippi River is a backdrop for a graduate and family.
A graduate poses by a flowering crabapple tree in Riverside Park.
Graduates walk downtown after the ceremonies.