Posted 7:03 a.m. Monday, Oct. 3, 2022

The UWL Bookstore is a great way for alumni to stay engaged with the university and show off their school pride. Items are available in person and online.

UWL Bookstore offers clothing and more — on campus and online

Don’t let the name fool you. The UW-La Crosse Bookstore is much more than a place to buy and sell textbooks.

For UWL alumni in particular, the Bookstore is a way to showcase school spirit and reconnect with the university. The Bookstore has a variety of merchandise — clothing, collectibles, home and office supplies and more — available both in person and online.

“Everything you find in the Bookstore is also available on our website,” says Bookstore Manager Carlenda Goddeau. “We get new products throughout the year, so we’re always adding new things and rotating out the old items.”

Goddeau says the Bookstore continually stocks alumni-themed merchandise, including shirts, decals and coffee mugs.

There is also a wide selection of seasonal and holiday items, which Goddeau notes are great for gift-giving.

“As alumni, you always want to maintain that school spirit. It becomes part of who you are,” she explains. “If you’re at an airport or out of town at a conference, and you see someone wearing UWL clothing, it can be a good conversation starter.”

Goddeau remembers wearing a UWL sweatshirt during a recent trip to Kansas City.

“I was checking in at the hotel, and a student-age guy came up to me and said, ‘Oh, UWL! We’re on the wrestling team!’” she says. “It was really nice to make that connection, which never would have happened otherwise.”

For alumni who can’t make it to campus, the Bookstore ships nationally and internationally. By creating an account on the Bookstore website, customers can receive emails about sales and special events.

For alumni planning to visit campus, Goddeau notes that the Bookstore is now on the first floor of the Student Union.

“The move has been great for us,” she says. “With all the extra space, we’ve really grown our selection over the past few years.”

Check out the online Bookstore.