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UW-L home page gets new look and added features

Posted 9:29 a.m. Monday, Oct. 26, 2009

UW-L's home page ( has a new look and added features to make it more user-friendly and informative for Web site visitors. The updated home page features banner images that can be tailored to highlight specific campus news, events and topics of interest. New drop-down menus make it easier to find links to information more quickly from the home page.UW-L Homepage The campus news, events and "In the Spotlight" sections continue to be displayed on the home page, but viewers now have the option to subscribe to RSS feeds to stay up to date with their favorite UW-L information. Campus events on the home page are linked to the new UW-La Crosse Campus Calendar. Web site visitors can search current and archived news and "In the Spotlight" information by keyword and share this information with friends. The new home page has a Web site feedback link so visitors can send the campus Web team comments and suggestions to make the UW-L Web site even better.


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