Posted 11:23 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020

The 2020 transfer student award recipients from left to right: Karley Everson, Members of UWL's Records & Registration Office, Kira Greenfield, Natalie Jamison, Maija Tanberg and Hannah Trautsch

Awards recognize accomplishments in academics, athletics and more

In 2019, UW-La Crosse began an annual tradition of honoring our outstanding transfer students with a series of awards. This year’s award winners are:

Senior Natalie Jamison

Student Leader Award: Awarded to a transfer student who has shown exceptional leadership at work, in a student organization or club, or in volunteer efforts.

Recipient: Senior Natalie Jamison, for her leadership as captain of the women’s soccer team.

Sophomore Hannah Trautsch

Academic Superstar Award: Awarded to a transfer student with a GPA of 3.25 or higher who has shown strong academic progress through classwork or research.

Recipient: Sophomore Hannah Trautsch, for her impressive academic record in pursuit of her degree in occupational therapy.

Sophomore Karley Everson

Rising Transfer Star Award: Awarded to a transfer student who shows promise at UWL and either has less than 60 credits total or transferred to UWL in the fall of 2019 or later.

Recipient: Sophomore Karley Everson, for her noteworthy transfer GPA and her strong start at UWL.

Junior Maija Tanberg

Transfer Athlete of the Year Award: Awarded to a transfer student who plays a vital role on a sports team through athletic talent and/or sportsmanship.

Recipient: Junior Maija Tanberg, for her winning performance on the women’s golf team, and for leading the team as captain.

Junior Kira Greenfield

Transfer Eagle of the Year Award: Awarded to an all-around exceptions transfer student who reflects the best in UWL and the transfer process.

Recipient: Junior Kira Greenfield, for her extraordinary academic record, her volunteer and leadership activities, her use of UWL resources, and her overall excellence as a UWL transfer student.

UWL Records and Registration staff recognized.

Transfer Advocate of the Year Award: Awarded to staff or faculty members who have supported transfer students or transfer-friendly initiatives. The recipient is selected by Celinda Davis, a transfer advisor in UWL’s Academic Advising Center, and José Rubio-Zepeda, a transfer retention specialist in UWL’s Office of Multicultural Student Services.

Recipient: Members of the Records and Registration Office, for their tremendous work on Transferology, ensuring the ease of transfer for plenty of future Eagles.