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2023 Benefit & Wellness Fair

Posted 3:35 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2023

2023 Invite


The 2023 Benefit & Wellness Fair is once again taking place and, in addition to those that joined us last year, we have some new faces and offerings this year!

The following will require PRE-REGISTRATION:

  1. Flu Vaccination Clinic
    • No cash payments or insurance payments accepted.
    • To register for your flu vaccination appointment, log into the wellness portal at and click “Register Today” on the Flu Vaccination card.
  2. Biometric Screening
    • Follow this link to register and click “Get Started” on the Biometric Screening card.
    • Please note, there are TWO dates offered for biometric screening and the event that coincides with our Benefit & Wellness Fair is the 10/04/23 date.
  3. Mobile Mammography
    • This service will be billed to your respective insurance provider (Quartz or Dean Prevea)
    • Please use the phone numbers below to schedule your mobile mammogram:
      • GUNDERSEN (608) 775-3666
      • MAYO **COMING SOON**

If there are any questions, please reach out to!


News from around UW System

Campus Kudos

Jenna Umberger

Jenna Umberger, ACCESS Center, served co-coordinator for the La Crosse County Commission on Transition. Within this role, Jenna advocates for students with disabilities across the county by establishing community partnerships to aid in the transition from K-12 and beyond.

Submitted on: Feb. 23

Shane Murphy

Shane Murphy, Physical Therapy, presented "Youth Athlete Health Promotion: Wearable Technologies and Evidence-Based Insights from Sports Medicine " at 29th Annual Adolescent Health Symposium on Feb. 16 online.

Submitted on: Feb. 19