News from around UW System


Jake Speer

Jake Speer, University Marketing & Communications, directed "Web Workshop" on Tuesday, Aug. 9 in La Crosse, WI. The first annual Web Workshop was such a success! Thank you Jake for all of your hard work!

Submitted on: Aug. 9

Nicholas Bakken and Lisa Kruse

Nicholas Bakken and Lisa Kruse, both Sociology & Criminal Justice, presented "Creating Legitimacy in a Drug Treatment Court: Participants' Experiences Shifting From Adversarial to Supportive Criminal Justice Environments" at WiSys on Aug. 2 in La Crosse, Wi. Lisa Kruse and Nick Bakken presented part of their research from a multi-year process and outcome evaluation of the La Crosse County Drug Treatment Court. The evaluation was done in collaboration with the National Center for State Courts and was funded with a Bureau of Justice Assistance Grant.

Submitted on: Aug. 4