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Gerardo Aponte-Safe

Gerardo Aponte-Safe, Educational Studies, co-authored the article "Aspiring nepantleras: Conceptualizing social studies education from the rupture/la herida abierta" in Theory and Research in Social Education published on Jan. 14 by Taylor and Francis. This article engages Gloria Anzaldúa’s concepts of nepantla and nepantleras as a conceptual framework for social studies classrooms that is attuned to the lived experiences of border-crossing—living in- between national, ethnic, racial, and gender worlds—and the grietas y rajaduras (cracks and ruptures) of dominant narratives of colonialism, whiteness, and heteropatriarchy.

Submitted on: Jan. 21

Markus Mika

Markus Mika, Biology, co-authored the article "Niche dynamics suggest ecological factors influencing migration in an insectivorous owl" in Ecology and was accepted for publication by the Ecological Society of America. The study tested migration hypotheses based on ecological variables estimated from winter locations of GPS-tracked Flammulated Owls.

Submitted on: Jan. 19