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January 2023 Policy Distribution, SYS Policy Approval Notice, and Effective Dates Reminder

Posted 7:30 a.m. Monday, Jan. 23, 2023


The January 2023 institution policy distribution includes one (1) new policy and four (4) revised policies.

One (1) new policy:

·        SYS 12XX, Mandatory Employee Training

Four (4) revised policies:

·        SYS 215, Payment and Methods for Payroll

·        SYS 610, Uninsured Personal Property Loss or Damage

·        SYS 1211, Personal Holiday and Legal Holiday Administration

·        SYS 1278, UW System Pay Plan Distribution Framework for University Workforce

Feedback on these policies is due by 5:00 PM on Friday, February 3rd, 2023.

Separate from this distribution, there are revisions to a policy and procedure with feedback due by noon on Friday, January 27th, 2023.

One (1) revised policy

·        SYS 346, Patents and Inventions

One (1) revised procedure:

·        SYS 1277.B, Compensation: Merit Pay

Click on the links above to view the drafts and ensure that your feedback is captured for review during the post-comment period. Comments can include attachments, including word documents and PDFs.

Please find summaries of the policies and procedures below.

Additionally, revisions to SYS 155 will be re-distributed to campuses at a later date. The policy was originally sent to campuses as part of the October policy distribution. This policy will be re-distributed due to substantive feedback from campus representatives.


SYS 12XX, Mandatory Employee Training

This is a new policy created in response to an internal audit regarding IS Security training and for the purpose of establishing standard, more formalized, procedures associated with several mandatory training requirements.


SYS 215, Payment and Methods for Payroll

·        The policy has been updated to reflect the most recent policy format requirements.

·        The language of the policy has been updated to reflect the UW System’s independent personnel system authority, changes in the structure of state government, and the shift to single payroll.

·        Changes for these purposes were made to sections 6(A) and 6(B) of the policy.


SYS 610, Uninsured Personal Property Loss or Damage

This policy establishes the standards for individuals who experience loss or damages to personal property who may be eligible to be reimbursed from University of Wisconsin System departmental funds. Proposed revisions to this policy include:

·        Updated the policy into the standard SYS policy template.

·        Added Section 1. Policy Purpose, Section 2. Responsible UW System Officers, Section 3. Scope and Institutional Responsibilities, Section 5. Definitions, Section 7. Related Documents, Section 8. Policy History, and Section 9. Scheduled Review.

·        Updated the formatting of citations to State statutes throughout the policy.

·        Updated the numbering scheme to match the current SYS template.

·        In Section 4, removed language referring to non-employees as they are not covered by this policy.

·        In Section 4, removed language regarding the process prior to the issuance of the policy as it dates to the 1980s and is currently irrelevant.

·        In Section 4, added language to clarify how to file claims covered by the UW System self-funded insurance program.

·        In Section 6, removed initial paragraph regarding the State Collective Bargaining Contracts.

·        In the first paragraph of Section 6, removed “non-represented” as a qualifier to employees and removed the last sentence referenced the state compensation plan.

·        In the second paragraph of Section 6, replaced “UW System Risk Manager” with “institution Chief Business Officer” as this is the individual better suited to determine how campus funds are utilized.

·        In Section 6.A, increased the maximum threshold of claims that the department can authorize from $50 to $100 and increased the threshold above which of claims that must be formally filed against the University from $50 to $100. Clarified that if personal injury is involved a formal claim must be filed against the university.

·        In Section 6.B, added language to clarify the role of campus risk management, in consultation with UWSA Risk Management, in determining that there is no insurance coverage available.

·        In Section 6.B, increased the maximum amount of a claim that may be submitted against departmental funds for reimbursement from $500 to $1000.

·        In Section 6.B, changed the claim reviewer and approved from the “institution risk manager” to the “UW department head or division lead,” as this is the individual better suited to determine how department funds are utilized.

·        In Section 6.B, changed the reviewer and approver of claims exceeding $1000 to the institution’s “Chief Business Officer” and removed the institution’s risk manager and the System Risk Manager roles in reviewing the claim to determine if it should be processed through the State Claims Board and the System Risk Manager’s role in giving final approval.

·        Removed Section 6.C which referred to collective bargaining agreements as most of these agreements have been eliminated since the last revision of the policy.

·        Retitled Section 6.C from “Procedures” to “Required Claim Documentation,” and removed the subsection titled “Approvals Required” as this is already described in prior sections.

·        In Section 6.C.II.2, clarified that the receipt, invoice, or canceled check to substantiate the cost of repair or replacement must be “with items of like kind and/or quality.”

·        Removed Section V, Compliance as the process described is outdated.


SYS 1211, Personal Holiday and Legal Holiday Administration

This revision is designed to clarify current practices in the granting of personal holiday hours to employees who separate from service with UW System and then are rehired into a new position during the same personal holiday accrual period.

·        These changes impact policy sections 4.A.II and 4.A.IV.4.g.

·        Additionally, technical revisions were made to align the policy with current UW System Administrative (SYS) Policies template. These changes include:

·        Added Section 2, Responsible UW System Officer and Section 3, Scope and Institutional Responsibilities. The successive sections were re-numbered in accordance with the addition of these two sections.

·        Updated Section 7, Related Documents and Section 8, Policy History.

·        Added Section 9, Scheduled Review.

·        Re-numbered subsections to align with the current numbering scheme.


SYS 1278, UW System Pay Plan Distribution Framework for University Workforce

The previous revision to this policy eliminated the option for chancellors to earmark up to 15% of the new money allocated through pay plan for the Chancellor’s discretionary use to meet special compensation needs within their institution. This revision restores that authority to the chancellors.


SYS 346, Patents and Inventions

This policy establishes the applicable UW System policies with respect to inventions and outline the responsibilities, privileges, and options of faculty, staff, and students when they have made an invention. Revisions to the policy include:

·        In Section 2, updated the responsible UW System Officer to the Vice President for Finance and Administration to reflect the recent reorganization of the UW System Administration.

·        In Section 5, updated the definition of invention to ensure it is comprehensive.

·        In subsection 6.A, added examples of inventions and updated language related to documentation.

·        In subsection 6.A, identified provisions that must be included in employee agreements related to their sponsored research projects.

·        In subsection 6.A, added references to sample agreements that may be used.

·        In subsection 6.A and 6.B, added new and revised existing language to ensure consistency with the Bayh Dole Act.

·        In subsection 6.B.III, added language related to special consideration for disposition of rights to unencumbered inventions which are embodied in tangible form.

·        In Section 7, added links to sample intellectual property agreement forms.


SYS 1277.B,Compensation: Merit Pay

·        The purpose of this procedure is to establish more detailed criteria for the award of merit pay increases than are found in the basic language of SYS 1277, Compensation.

·        This revision eliminates all of the procedure-specific definitions in favor of an incorporation by reference of our standard policy definitions as found in SYS 1225, General Terms and Definitions.

·        The procedure eliminates several grounds upon which an employee would be found to be ineligible for merit-based increases, including: the failure of a supervisor to complete a performance review before the deadline, employees who have recently changed appointments or been promoted, employees who received merit increases outside of pay plan in two consecutive years, employees in interim appointments, and student hourly staff. This change gives institutions more flexibility in the use of merit pay increases.

SYS Policy Approval Notification

On January 19, President Jay Rothman approved technical revisions to:

·        SYS 1000, Information Security: General Terms and Definitions,

·        SYS 1036, Information Security: Endpoint Protectionand

·        SYS 1038, Information Security: Network Protection.

Also on January 19, Vice President for Finance and Administration Sean Nelson approved technical revisions to SYS 1038.A, Information Security: Network Protection Standard.

The revisions to the policies and procedure were part of a singular technical amendment package.

See below for a brief summary of the revisions to the policies and procedure.

SYS 1000 SeriesTechnical Amendment Package

These revisions became effective upon approval.

Technical revisions to the following policies and procedure move the definitions from the newly established SYS 1036, SYS 1038, and SYS 1038.A from the bodies of the documents to SYS 1000 in alignment with other policies in the SYS 1000 series. Specific proposed revisions are as follows:

SYS 1000, Information Security: General Terms and Definitions

·        Added definitions from the following policies and procedure:

·        SYS 1036, Information Security: Endpoint Protection

·        SYS 1038, Information Security: Network Protection

·        SYS 1038.A, Information Security: Network Protection Standard

·        Updated the definition of IT Asset to match upcoming revisions to policy.

·        Added definition for IT Inventory.

·        Removed references to all other SYS 1000 series policies in Related Documents.

SYS 1036, Information Security: Endpoint Protection.

·        Removed definition for Endpoint and Malware. Kept terms in the body of the policy.

SYS 1038, Information Security: Network Protection

·        Removed definitions for External Network, Managed Interface, Network Security Zone, System Boundary, and Trusted Network Security Zone. Kept terms in the body of the policy.

SYS 1038.A, Information Security: Network Protection Standard

·        Removed definitions for External Network, High Risk, Managed Interface, Moderate Risk, Network Backbone Connection, Network Security Zone, Remote Access, Research Network, Split Tunneling, System Boundary, Transit Peer Link, Trusted Network Security Zone, Untrusted Network Security Zone, Zero Trust Architecture. Kept terms in the body of the procedure.

·        Updated title of Section III from Network Communication Activities to Network Communication Protection Activities. This was inadvertently changed during original publication.

There were no comments or concerns from the Finance and General Administration Policy Committee (FGAPC) during the FGPC review period.

Effective Dates Reminder

SYS 1036, Information Security: Endpoint Protection and SYS 1036.A, Information Security: Endpoint Protection Standard, which were approved on February 17, 2022, will become effective on February 17, 2023.

Please direct any questions to