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KNOW YOUR BENEFITS: College Students & Health Insurance Benefits

Posted 9:15 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 17, 2023

College & Health Insurance

If you have a child in college that you cover as a dependent on your State Group Health Insurance plan, here are some tips about their coverage.

  • If they attend school within your health plan’s service area, they should seek care only from in-network providers unless they need Emergency Room or Urgent Care services.
  • If they attend school outside your health plan’s service area, Urgent Care and Emergency Room services will be covered by your health plan as in-network.

After an Urgent Care or Emergency Room visit, in most cases, your child must return to your health plan’s service area for follow-up care.

Since most plans only provide coverage for services when they are in-network, it is important that you plan for the possibility of your child needing care.

For additional information, including mental health services, review the College Students and Health Benefits article.


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