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Resignation/Retirement Information for 9 Month (C-Basis) Employees

Posted 11:02 a.m. Friday, June 21, 2024

CBasis Separation

Fun Fact: Wisconsin Administrative Code 10.08(3) dictates the parameters for employment separation for 9 month faculty/staff.

9 month, C-Basis employees hold appointments that are tied to the Academic Year.  This means that their contracts begin on or sometime after the start of each AY (in August) and ends the last Sunday in May.

Should an employee decide they wish to separate employment outside of the Academic Year, they must have a summer appointment.  The resignation/retirement date would then need to align with the last day of their summer contract.  It is strongly recommended that employees extend the professional courtesy of discussing their resignation or retirement with their supervisor prior to official notice to UWL in order to allow the unit to plan for the continuation of duties.