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Student Employee Wage Increase - Effective 7/1/2023

Posted 7:25 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023

UWL Students

On July 1, 2023, the ranges for student employment will increase, establishing a new minimum wage of $9.00/hour for student employment on campus.

In Fall of 2022, the unviersity approved an increase to the student employment wage ranges, effective July 1, 2023.  

Beginning in July of 2023, the new Student Employment wage range for each classification.  

The wage scale that follows establishes levels of jobs for student employees; Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.  Questions concerning the appropriate level for a given job should be directed to Human Resources.  The current minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.

Classification levelPay Rates
Entry$9.00 - $11.00
Intermediate$11.00 - $13.00
Advanced$13.00 - $16.00

For additional information, please review the Student Appointment Wage Policy

As a reminder, all student employment appointments automatically terminate on May 28, 2023 and must be reappointed.  The processing of a student appointment (new or returning) may take up to two weeks for full processing.