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Vacation Banking for Faculty, Academic Staff & Limited Appointees (FY 2024)

Posted 10:30 a.m. Monday, July 8, 2024

VAC Banking 2024

Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited Appointees with a 12-month appointment have an annual opportunity to bank unused vacation after completing ten fiscal years (July 1 through June 30) of continuous service. The deadline to bank unused vacation allocated in fiscal year 2023-2024 is September 30, 2024.

Vacation and carryover balance hours that are eligible to be banked may be viewed beginning July 1. Instructions for viewing your leave balances and banking unused vacation are available in the Banked Leave Conversion Tipsheet.

How Much Vacation Can You Bank?

Years of Continuous ServiceHours That Can be Banked *
First 10 Years0
10 to 25 Years40
25 Years and Over80

* The amount of vacation that can be banked is prorated for part-time employees.
There is no limit to the total number of hours (balance) that can be retained in your Banked Leave account. Once vacation is banked the hours do not expire.

When Can Banked Leave Be Used?

With your supervisor’s approval, banked leave hours may be used whenever you are allowed to use paid leave.

What If You Terminate Employment?

Unused banked leave hours will be paid to you at your wage rate at termination.

The process for banking leave is described below.

  1. Each July following the fiscal year in which the employee qualifies, eligible employees are provided banking options and must decide to bank vacation by on or before September 30 of that year.  (Employees will receive an email from UW Service Operations announcing when this leave banking is available in the MyUW Portal). 
  2. Eligibility to bank unused vacation is based on years of continuous service and appointment percentage (defined as hours in pay status). 
  3. The vacation banking option is offered immediately following the fiscal year in which an employee is eligible. An employee is first eligible to bank up to 40 hours of vacation at the start of the 11th fiscal year of employment and is allowed to bank up to 80 hours of vacation at the start of the 26th fiscal year of employment. 
  4. Full-time employees are eligible to bank unused vacation (either vacation earned in the current fiscal year or vacation carried over from prior fiscal year) into a Paid Leave Bank (ALRA) account. Cash payouts are not permitted. Leave may be banked per the following schedule: 


If you have questions, contact your Institution Leave Administrator.