Posted 1:49 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 28, 2021

Winter 2021 Lantern exclusively online. Read more->

The Lantern: Alumni Association publishes latest news on campus, alums

COVID-19 continues to change things — including the UW-La Crosse Alumni Association’s Lantern, the biannual publication about latest campus happenings for alumni.

To curb costs for printing and postage, the Association has put the Winter 2020-21 issue exclusively online.

Be sure to catch the longer, in-depth articles. Enjoy many more images from our award-winning photographer.

Among the highlights:

Wowed by Wittich: The renovation of the campus’ second oldest building is impressive. 

Lockup literature: Daughters honor parents with jail literacy fund.

Top prof: Shelly Lesher is named American Physical Society Fellow.

A real-life game of Clue: Alum investigates what’s killing freshwater mussels.

Wall of Fame: 8 inducted into Athletic Wall of Fame.

So, sit back when you have some time to check out the Winter 2020-21 issue of the Lantern.