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Campus Kudos

Andrew Ives and Robyn Beahm

Andrew Ives, ACCESS Center and Robyn Beahm, Student Support Services, presented "Universal Design in Advising " at the UWL conference on Holistic and Proactive Advising Tuesday, May 23. They shared their expertise in advising students with disabilities and making accommodations universally applicable for students. They discussed universal design in conjunction with space, communication and advising.

Submitted on: May 23

Penelope Hardy

Penelope Hardy, History, presented "Careers in Maritime History and Archaeology: A Roundtable Discussion:" at the annual conference of the North American Society for Oceanic History on May 18 in San Diego, CA. Hardy and four colleagues from the fields of history and archaeology discussed career options, the job search, and life after graduate school, and they answered questions from graduate students and early career professionals.

Submitted on: May 22