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ETF Group Retirement Appointments Available: January- March 2024

Posted 8:41 a.m. Monday, Nov. 27, 2023

ETF Group Appointments 2024

The Department of Employee Trust Funds offers in-person group retirement appointments statewide. ETF benefits specialists will be in your area at one of the cities listed below.

Requirement: Before scheduling an appointment, you must have received a Retirement Benefit Estimates and Application (ET-4301). You may request an estimate if you are within 12 months of your minimum retirement age. 

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January Group Retirement Appointments

  • Whitewater – January 4 (a.m. and p.m. sessions)
  • Wausau – January 10, 11
  • Milwaukee – January 17 (a.m. and p.m. sessions)
  • Appleton – January 17, 18

February Group Retirement Appointments

  • Waukesha – February 1 (a.m. and p.m. sessions)
  • Oshkosh – February 8 (a.m. and p.m. sessions)
  • Eau Claire – February 13, 14
  • Kenosha – February 21 (a.m. and p.m. sessions)
  • Green Bay – February 28, 29

March Group Retirement Appointments

  • Wausau – March 5, 6
  • Appleton – March 18, 19
  • La Crosse – March 27 (a.m. and p.m. sessions)

What is a group retirement appointment? Group appointments can accommodate up to 12 members and their guests; therefore, wait times for group appointments are usually much shorter than for individual appointments. The ETF benefits specialist reviews the same topics covered in an individual appointment, and attendees will have the benefit of learning from other members’ questions. No individual or personal information is shared with the group.

Topics include:

  • Your retirement benefit estimates and application
  • Health and life insurance
  • Beneficiaries and death benefits
  • Mailings you can expect to receive from ETF after retirement
  • Annual annuity adjustments
  • Wisconsin Retirement System return to work rules

See the complete schedule of group retirement appointments.


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