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Welcomes, Changes, or Goodbyes

Here is our welcome to new employees (or returning), a celebration of employment changes, and our salute to colleagues pursuing new endeavors. All celebrations are for the previous month.


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Displaying separations for the previous month:

Employee Name Reason Last day on Payroll Title Dept. /Unit

Richard Athey



Research Technician

Counseling & Testing Center

Deya Ortiz



International Programs Manager

Int Education & Engagement

Andrew Blum




Extended Learning

Mitchell Steinke



HRIS Analyst

Human Resources

Olivia Spitzer

Separation 11/23/2023 HR Generalist Human Resources

Service Anniversaries

The service anniversary date is the 'adjusted continuous service date' which may encompass breaks in service.  This is the legal date used by UWSA to determine seniority. We display for the current month.

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Upcoming Retirements

Congratulations on your accomplishments!  We wish you well in retirement!

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Campus Kudos!

Tara Delong, Laura Schaffer, Jennifer Taylor, Kayley Ellis, Emily Higgins and Elizabeth Neels

Tara Delong, Laura Schaffer and Jennifer Taylor, all Health Science Interprofessional Research Center; Kayley Ellis, Psychology student; and Emily Higgins and Elizabeth Neels, both Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation students; received the award for a research grant to support the Dr. Wags program from the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification. Their $5,000 award will provide opportunities for individuals pursuing a career in or already practicing recreational therapy to establish and maintain lines of research, promote the collaboration between higher education faculty and practitioners, support the provision of quality recreational therapy services, and promote the CTRS® as the qualified provider of recreational therapy services.

Submitted on: Dec. 5

Gita Pai

Gita Pai, History, authored the book "Architecture of Sovereignty: Stone Bodies, Colonial Gazes, and Living Gods in South India" published on Friday, Dec. 1 by Cambridge University Press.

Submitted on: Dec. 1