Scott Pfitzinger

Scott Pfitzinger, Murphy Library, authored the article "The Effects of Relocating the Reference Desk on the Circulation Desk" in Journal of Access Services published on Sept. 27 by Taylor and Francis. The physical proximity of the Reference Desk and Circulation Desk can affect where library patrons go to get assistance and what kinds of questions they ask. Pfitzinger analyzed data collected at the Murphy Library Circulation Desk to determine how the nature and number of questions asked there has changed as the Reference Desk was located in three different places during the last six years. There are implications for other libraries that may be considering moving or removing their Reference Desk.

Submitted on: Oct. 15

Karolyn Bald

Karolyn Bald, International Education & Engagement, presented "Innovative New Program Models: Collaborative Virtual Communities in Education Abroad" at NAFSA All Region Summit on Wednesday, Oct. 13 online.

Submitted on: Oct. 13