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Reports & queries

A page within Human Resources

Available Reports & Dashboards

The Supervisor & Chair Dashboard will provide certain users with access to:

  • Your employee's appointment and funding details
  • Information on upcoming service anniversaries for your employees
  • Dates of past and upcoming Criminal Background Checks, consistent with the Positions of Trust and Access to Vulnerable Population policy
  • View your entire unit's leave balances
  • Quickly access LTE (or temporary) employee information for your unit
  • Review upcoming probationary period end dates for your employees
  • Dates of past and current mandatory compliance training programs
  • Status and upcoming dates for performance evaluations of your employees
  • Report on your employees' outside activities
  • Report on telecommuting agreements for your employees
  • Information on current work comp and leave for your employees

Information specific to department chairs:

  • Your department's retention and tenure schedule
  • Your department's promotion schedule
  • Post Tenure Review schedule for your department

Security Access: Only the supervisor or those approved employees given division access have the ability to view these dashboards.

Last modified: 04/25/2022

Employment Data provides approved campus stakeholders with the following information:

  • Basic appointment information
  • Funding data for employees
  • Current  & Future GA/TA information (and appointment details)
  • Listing of New Employees
  • Listing of current and historical separated employees

Security Access: By request and approval only.  To request access, email

Last modified: 08/04/2022

The Employee Dashboard was created to help provide transparency to all employees regarding their employment data stored in HRS. Information accessible in this dashboard:

  • Current position(s), funding, and compensation data
  • Information on the status of mandatory compliance training 
  • Information on the status of performance evaluations
  • Information on the status of Outside Activity Reports, (when filed each March/April by Faculty, Limited, and Academic Staff)
  • Faculty and IAS career data

Security Access: Only the employee can view their information

Last modified: 02/07/2022

The university community often needs to reference lists of employees, either for governance purposes or for contacting certain employees or groups of employees about upcoming grants, awards, etc.  Campus lists include:

  • Listing of current employees and contact information
  • SOE Affiliated employees
  • Full roster of Faculty, Academic Staff, Instructional Academic Staff, and University staff employees
  • Listing of campus-wide service anniversaries 
  • Listing of current student employees and their supervisors

Security Access: Only current employees who have a DUO account have access to this information.

Last modified: 06/07/2022

Student Reports and Dashboards are for the primary supervisors of student help.  These reports include information regarding:

  • Student Help appointment details and funding
  • Information on when/if the student had received a criminal background check
  • Information on when the student completed the required, mandatory training
  • Federal Work-Study balance and funding information for certain student employees

Security Access: Only current supervisors of current student employees have access to just their student help records.



Last modified: 02/07/2022


In addition to the Employment Data List Dashboard, Budget Planners and Business Managers have access to their respective division's employee data in the Supervisor Dashboard as well.

General Reports

  • Active student employee listing.  This report is updated daily to provide stakeholders access to search for student employees and confirm they are active in HRS.  

Reports for Purchasing  

Last modified: 04/25/2022

Reporting Tools

Data Access Decision

The Chief Human Resources Officer has issued a decision in which Supervisors are granted access to data for which HR has been determined to be the 'custodian' of employment-related data.  This access is for non-sensitive data and is in compliance with UW System Administrative Policy 1031. Supervisors are reminded of their responsibility to maintain the integrity of this data, not to share the data, and remain in compliance with all relevant data security policies and training.

In addition, certain employee groups, such as Business Managers, Budget Planners, Vice-Chancellors, or other groups of employees determined by the CHRO as having a legitimate business need to access data may be granted limited access to similar data to which they would normally require access.  They are reminded of the same listed above.