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Division/Department Data and Reports expanding section
  • Division-wide appointment list. This list provides current, active, employees with directory-related information, compensation data, funding data, and appointment data - such as contract length and dates.
  • Position of Trust/Access to Vulnerable Population. This report is for the division. It lists all employees who hold positions of trust, or access to vulnerable populations and when their last Criminal Background Check was conducted. 
  • Mandatory Employee Training Status. This report is for the entire division.  It reports each employee's status of their required mandatory employee training.  
  • Paid Leave Balances. This report provides division-level access to all employees and their current, available leave balances.  
  • ePerformance Management document completion.  This report provides a division-wide view of how many employees have yet to receive their performance evaluation. 
  • Outside Activity Reporting (OAR).  Annually, Faculty, Academic Staff, and Limited appointees who hold appointments totaling 50% or more are required to report on activities outside of work that may present conflicts to their university position.  
  • University Staff Probationary Period Report. This report provides a division-level view of when each new University Staff employee requires a probationary evaluation. 
  • Student Help Information. This report provides direct supervisors of student employees information on the student employee appointments and Federal Work-Study students.
  • LTE Information. Use this report to review (if any) Short Term/Temporary employees under your direct supervision.
  • Service Anniversaries. Celebrate career milestones!  Review the current years of service for your direct reports. 

Faculty Specific Information

  • Retention / Tenure. For department chairs or division leaders, view the current retention and tenure recommendation year for employees in your department or division.
  • Faculty Promotion. For department chairs or division leaders, view the current schedule for your employee's promotion. 
  • Post Tenure Review. For department chairs or division leaders, view the current schedule for your employee's post-tenure reviews.


Last modified: 04/27/2021

Campus-wide common employee data expanding section
  • Active Employee Roster with Reports To. This report provides stakeholders with directory level information about current, active employees and who is their direct supervisor. 
  • Active GA/TA Roster. This report provides directory level, compensation, and funding information for current, active GAs and TAs.  This view also includes future GA/TA appointments when available. 
  • Active Student Employees.  This report provides information on active student employees.
  • Current Employees and Directory Information.  This report provides employee's names, business email, business phones, and business office locations. 
  • Employee Separations. This report provides stakeholders with access to employee directory information relating to separations.  This report also includes future separations. 
  • Faculty Roster (Campus Wide). This report provides the current directory information, tenure status, and ranked faculty roster.  
  • Future Employee Information.  For stakeholders looking ahead to see which employees will be joining UWL in the coming months, this report will provide information regarding their title, start date, department, and supervisor.  
  • IAS Roster (Campus Wide). This report provides the current IAS roster.  Redbook status included. 
  • University Staff Roster (Campus Wide). This report provides directory level information for current University Staff employees. 
  • The number of employees by division.  A quick top-level view of how many employees, per employment classification, work in each division. 
  • Upcoming Retirements. View upcoming retirements for UW-La Crosse.
  • Service Anniversaries. This list provides the campus community with access to the employees who will be celebrating milestone service anniversaries.  5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45 ... years are represented. 
  • Welcomes, Changes, and Goodbyes. This is the monthly list used by HR to announce new employees, promotions/transfers, and separations. 
  • Emeritus List. View the Emeritus List of former employees who have approved Emeritus status. (This list is a work in progress, not all Emeritus are currently listed).

Last modified: 05/08/2021

Reports on Student Help/Workers expanding section

Student Help Supervisor Dashboard

  • Student Help Supervisor Dashboard.  This report provides information on active student employees, including appointment details, criminal background check dates, mandatory training status, and federal work-study tracking. 

Campus-Wide Reports

  • Active Student Employees.  This report provides information on active student employees, including EmplID, Empl Record, Department, Supervisor information, Position Number, Comp Rate, and Funding.
  • Last CBC for Student Employees.  This report provides the last four years of data for student employees and lists the date of the most recent criminal background check, if applicable.  If a student is not on the list, then there is no record of a criminal background check having been conducted. 

Reports for REC and REC Sports

Last modified: 10/29/2021

Reports for Advancement expanding section

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Reports for Business Services expanding section

General Reports

  • Active student employee listing.  This report is updated daily to provide stakeholders access to search for student employees and confirm they are active in HRS.  
  • Academic Department Contacts.  This report is updated daily to report the current Academic Department Chair and Administrative Support professional. 
  • Employee Relocation Information.  This report provides information about onboarding activities for employees.  It notes if there are relocation expenses attached to the appointment document. 

Reports for Purchasing  

Last modified: 08/06/2021

Reports for AAO/EEO expanding section

Last modified: 05/12/2021

Data Access Decision

The Chief Human Resources Officer has issued a decision in which Supervisors are granted access to data for which HR has been determined to be the 'custodian' of employment-related data.  This access is for non-sensitive data and is in compliance with UW System Administrative Policy 1031. Supervisors are reminded of their responsibility to maintain the integrity of this data, not to share the data, and remain in compliance with all relevant data security policies and training.

In addition, certain employee groups, such as Business Managers, Budget Planners, Vice-Chancellors, or other groups of employees determined by the CHRO as having a legitimate business need to access data may be granted limited access to similar data to which they would normally require access.  They are reminded of the same listed above. 

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