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Accessing Your Reappointment Spreadsheet expanding section

For Business Managers, Supervisors who need to Reappoint employees, and for Budget Planners, you will be sent a link to access your reappointment spreadsheet via email.  You can download your spreadsheet in Excel by following this tip sheet

Last modified: 09/07/2022

Information on Reappointment Decisions expanding section

Non-Instructional Academic Staff (NIAS) and Instructional Academic Staff (IAS)

There are two types of reappointment decisions, Fixed-Term Terminal appointments (FTT) and Fixed-Term Renewable appointments (FTR). The reappointments are specific to the type of appointment that is required based upon UWS Chapter 10

  • Fixed-Term Terminal (FTT) appointments have an end date, generally in May (if a C-Basis appointment) or in June (if an A-Basis appointment). These appointments require no notice to not renew the appointment.  The customary practice is to notify the employee of this decision at least 90 days prior to the contract end date.  Please contact your HR Partner if you are planning a non-renewal.  
  • Fixed Term Renewable (FTR) appointments, as provided in UWL Chapter 10, address job security for Academic staff.
    • The FTR appointments require a 12 month notice period and must be given for appointments ending in May or June. For example, if you are planning on not renewing an FTR appointment, first consult with your HR Partner and review the contract dates.  If the contract dates are 2020 through 2022; then the appointment must be renewed for one additional year and notice must be given this year.  If the contract dates are 2021 through 2023; then notice may be given this year of a non-renewal; with the contract terminating in 2023. 
    • If stopping the fixed-term renewable appointment, a written reason may be requested by the employee.

When an appointment for NIAS or IAS can become "Renewable"

Non-Instructional Academic Staff: At the request of the employee, and review of management, fixed-term renewable appointments may be granted to NIAS after 7 continuous years of employment at UW-L in a NIAS position that is 50% or greater for each of the previous 7 years.

Instructional Academic Staff: At the request of the employee, and review of management, fixed-term renewable appointments may be granted to IAS after completing 7 years of continuous service at UW-L if the need for the position is expected to continue and if funding is available for the length of the renewable appointment.

Graduate Assistant Reappointments 

Graduate Assistants Only: If an employee is not being reappointed to their current position, but you are aware that they will be hired in a different position, contact Human Resources as soon as possible.

Interim and Other Appointments with Expected or Contract End Dates

For all other appointments that have a Contract End Date or Expected End Date; a decision must be made to extend the appointment and submitted in the process outlined on this page; or else the appointment will terminate on the listed date. 

Last modified: 03/03/2022

Process for Submitting Changes expanding section

Points of Contact during the reappointment process 

Business Managers will be the primary stakeholder for HR communications during the reappointment process.  For those departments/units that do not have a Business Manager, either the Budget Planner or the Supervisor will be the primary point of contact.  

Automatic Renewals

ALL appointments will renew on their regular schedule UNLESS an EAF is submitted outlining changes to the appointment.  For example:

  • a Non-Instructional Academic Staff (NIAS) member whose fixed-term terminal appointment concludes on June 30, 2023, will automatically have their appointment carried forward through June 30, 2024, if no EAF is received.
  • a Non-Instructional Academic Staff (NIAS) member whose fixed-term renewable appointment concludes on June 30, 20234, will receive confirmation that 'no notice' was given this year and that their appointment will continue through June 30, 2024, if no EAF is received.  In the following year, if a non-renewal decision is made, that employee will be owed one additional year of employment, as required by UWS Chapter 10.
  • a Non-Instructional Academic Staff (NIAS) member whose fixed-term renewable appointment concludes on June 30, 2023, will receive an appointment for two additional years, (July 2023 through June 2025) if no EAF is received.  In the following year, if a non-renewal decision is made, that employee will be given notice and their appointment will conclude on the following year, as required by UWS Chapter 10.

Processing Changes/Notifying of Non-Renewals 

All changes and notices of Non-Renewals should be recorded on an EAF.  Please use the EAF form found here, and process as normal through the Budget Office.  Please note in the Subject Line of the email "2023 Reappointment Information".

Questions during the reappointment process

For all inquiries regarding the reappointment process, please email and use the Subject Line: 2023 Reappointment Question.

Last modified: 02/27/2023

Fall 2023 Reappointment Decision Timeline expanding section

This information was sent to Business Managers on February 27, 2023.

The 2023 Fall Reappointment process kicks off the week of February 27th. This email serves as notice of the tasks and due dates for each step of the process.  

  1. Human Resources has attached a link providing Business Managers/Supervisors with their reappointment Excel documents via the reporting tool, Tableau. You may download your report as an Excel file to review the data. This tool will not be updated daily for stakeholders to review. Please note: this information reflects appointments as of 2/20/2023.
    1. Fall 2023 Reappointment Tableau Spreadsheet can be found here Fall2023 Reappointment Decisions: Views - Tableau Server (
    2. This link has three different dashboards for you to review
      1. Employee with Renewal Review – reappointment decisions are needed for this dashboard ONLY
      2. Future Expected Job End Dates – this provides you with an overview of other appointments in your area that are not a part of this year’s reappointment process due to their current end date.
        1. Reappointment decisions are not needed, but the information is provided as an FYI
      3. Active Lump Payments – this provides you with an overview of active lump payments in your area.
        1. Reappointment decisions are not needed, but the information is provided as an FYI
  2. Business Managers/Supervisors will be asked to submit EAFs via paper by 03/13/2023, ONLY IF THERE IS A CHANGE TO THE APPOINTMENT INFORMATION
    1. EAFs are only required for a change or non-renewal of the employees in the file. (Link to EAF:
    2. No action is required if the employee should be reappointed, and no changes are needed
    3. Additional EAFs are required during this time if you are seeking to employ someone in Fall 2023 that is not in the file
  3. Budget Office will approve the EAFs and route to Human Resources by 03/27/2023
  4. Human Resources will set up individual meetings with Business Managers the week of 04/17/2023 if desired to review their data.
  5. Human Resources will confirm all changes with Business Managers by 04/24/2023 before HRS changes are made
  6. Human Resources will make HRS system updates by the following dates
    1. Annual (A-basis) changes by 06/12/2023-06/16/2023
    2. Academic (C-basis) changes by 08/21/2023-08/25/2023
  7. Human Resources will email appointment notices or notices of non-renewal to employees by 05/03/2023. HR will provide communication to Business Managers before these are sent out as an FYI, please share that communication as desired. If you have a non-renewal, please have supervisors work with your HR Partner to convey that notice to the affected employee. 
    1. As a reminder, signatures by employees are not required on the notices. This is clearly stated in the email and on the notice.
  8. Human Resources will upload appointment notices and notices of non-renewals to the electronic p-file by 08/31/2023.

Additional information can be found here: 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Last modified: 02/27/2023