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Salaried employee payroll

A page within Human Resources

Payroll Calendar Update

To help provide better resources, please note the "Payroll Calendar" link is now located on the right column, (if viewing from a desktop), or at the bottom, (if viewing on a tablet or mobile device). Please note that ALL payroll forms are due to UWL HR 5 days prior to the payroll deadlines of UWSS for payment on the upcoming pay period(s).

Salaried employee payroll resources

Payroll deductions

Most deductions for benefits will be divided evenly between the first two pay periods of each month.  In months when there are three pay periods, benefits deductions will not be taken from that pay period with the exception of Wisconsin Retirement System, Tax Sheltered Annuity 403(b), and Wisconsin Deferred Compensation 457 contributions.

Summer Benefit Pre-Pay for 9-Month Employees

Faculty, academic staff, limited appointees, student assistants, and employees-in-training on an academic year contract or on an annual contract that does not include work during one or more summer months who are expected to return to employment on or before the start of the fall semester are eligible to maintain insurance coverage through the summer months by prepaying the benefit deductions. For additional information on benefit pre-pay, please visit: 

Payroll forms

Please use the payroll calendar above to find the due dates for payroll forms.

Direct deposit form

W-4 tax withholding form