Employees paid on the monthly payroll include academic staff, faculty, limited appointees, and student assistants. See employment types for more information.

Monthly payroll resources

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FY21 Payroll Calculator

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Leave reporting

Legal holiday

Annual paid leave summary

Annual W-2 tax statements 

International employee tax withholding

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Earnings statements - understanding your statements

Payroll deductions

For monthly pay basis employees, all benefit premiums are deducted 12 times per year

Those paid on an annual (12 month) basis will pay one premium per month out of the monthly paycheck.

Those paid on an academic year (9 month) calendar basis will pay one premium per month during the academic year and will prepay the premiums for coverage during the summer:

  • Each benefit will have a prepay premium taken on the April 1, May 1, and June 1 pay dates
  • Parking fees, Employee Reimbursement Account (ERA), Tax-Sheltered Annuity (TSA), and Wisconsin Deferred Compensation (WDC) will not be included in prepaid deductions

There are two deductions taken only once per year:

Payroll forms

Please use the payroll calendar above to find monthly due dates for payroll forms.

Direct deposit form

W-4 tax withholding form (.pdf) (Note: only page 5 of the 6 page document needs to be completed for tax withholding changes)

Vacation carryover forms

  • Updates coming in 2021 for Vacation carryover forms.

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