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Training and Resources

A page within Human Resources

Faculty and staff who oversee the work of others can find resources here to help them identify and recruit top talent, navigate questions from employees, and follow University policies and procedures. 

Supervisors at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse play an important role in guiding, problem-solving, and communicating with employees. The resources found on this site are intended to help supervisors as they lead employees through their employment life-cycle at the UWL.

In-Person Supervisor Training Program

Session 1 – Introduction to UWL Personnel Management

UW-La Crosse is governed by several layers of federal, state, campus-wide, and departmental policies.  Explore how policies are managed throughout your time as a supervisor at UWL.  Learn about the formal processes to achieve corrective action and discipline within the UW System and learn about how the appointment process is governed.  Finally, explore the annual compliance requirements that as supervisor, you are asked to help coordinate. 

Download the PowerPoint slides here.

Session 2 – Payroll, Budgeting, and Financial Accountability

Topics covered

  • Classification, contracts, and continuity types
  • Benefit Interplay with classification, contracts, and continuity
  • Time & Labor reporting
  • Leave types and reporting
  • Worker’s Compensation / Accidents
  • Budgeting for your department
  • Financial Accountability

Download the PowerPoint Slides:

Session 3 – The Employee Life Cycle

From recruitment to offboarding/retirement, explore the life cycle of an employee at UW-La Crosse.  In this session, supervisors will be exposed to the process and procedure to begin the Recruitment process; given tips to make a successful onboarding and offboarding for employees as well as learn ways in which they can help support employee engagement and retention.

Session 4 – Performance Management & Communication

The foundation for Performance Management is effective communication.  In this session explore ways to strengthen your communication style under stress, (i.e., during conversations that have high stages and strong emotion), as well as how to effectively convey ideas and directions to your employees.  Mastering these concepts will help pave the path to easy, effective, and better performance by your team. Lastly, learn about the importance of accountability and follow up.

Session 5 – Faculty Personnel Management

Annually, Department Personnel Committees may review their probationary faculty for retention purposes, review promotion packets to recommend their department peers for promotion, and review every five years, their peers during the post-tenure review process.  These procedures are highly regulated by UW System Statute and State Code.  Navigating these complex systems requires a thorough understanding of how the Open Meetings Act works, understanding the interplay of UW System Statues and the department bylaws, as well as how to legally manage documented concerns and bring them forward to share with the entire Personnel Committee. 

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