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Business Intelligence

A page within Information Technology Services

What is OBIEE?
Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is the tool that UW-System is using for Business Intelligence. It is a powerful tool for analyzing and presenting data that helps make strategic decisions across an entire organization.

  • Query and reporting - in OBIEE a Query is commonly referred to as an Analysis.
  • Ease of Use and Advanced Visualizations
  • Empower key decision-makers to quickly find answers to predictive and statistical questions
  • Highly interactive dashboards

OBIEE is replacing Oracle's Brio/Hyperion Interactive Reporting (IR) software at UW La Crosse. Hyperion Interactive Reporting has an end of life of March 1, 2019.

Hyperion Interactive Reporting is one of several tools used to create queries and reports from UW-System and UW La Crosse databases. 

What is UWBI?
UW-System has rebranded OBIEE as UWBI – University of Wisconsin Business Intelligence. UWBI encompasses the OBIEE software, servers, the UWBI support teams and UWBI project. The OBIEE software is installed on servers at UW-System.

User Roles: The order they are in shows the implied inheritance, so the Author inherits permissions and privileges from the Consumer and so on.

BI Consumer: Is a role in UWBI that is assigned with read only access to general functions.

  • View authorized Dashboards
  • Run authorized analysis
  • Save user selections

BI Author: Is a role in UWBI that allows one to create content and publish that content for the BI Consumers.

  • Access to authorized Subject Areas
  • Access to Analysis Prompts

BI Developer: This role is only assigned to users in the Information Technology Division.

  • Responsible for creating models in the RPD and testing all changes and migrating them into production
  • Access to Create/Modify authorized Dashboards
  • Access to Dashboard Prompts