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Information security

A page within Information Technology Services

ITS works with campus data custodians, end users, departments, and business units to minimize security risks and put programs and policies in place to properly protect data. ITS also responds to reported security incidents and provides software tools, training, support and best practices to help all computing environments on campus and their users stay secure.

This film was debuted at the 2017 UW System ITMC Joint Conference held at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse as part of keynote on Cybersecurity.
This program explains how phishing attacks can occur, what the dangers are, and how to stay safe online. The film provides 5 key strategies on how to keep college campuses informed about potential phishing attacks. For information technology professionals, keeping end users safe, informed, and secure is paramount to avoiding cyber security attacks. As the film stresses, if you’re not sure, “Don’t Click on the Link.”

*Check out our newest film that was released in February 2020): The Cyber Zone: The Link to Disaster

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