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Akindi is a flexible easy-to-use cloud-based assessment tool allowing faculty and staff to create tests. You can pre-print your assessment bubble sheet and hand it out to your students.  After collecting the tests you simply load them into a multi-function printer and scan them. Grades and analytics are ready in minutes, not days. This system provides easy error correction, integrates with Canvas, and has many customized features for creating and scoring.

The key benefits can be summarized as follows:

  • Print your own bubble sheets
  • Scan exams with any multi-function printer
  • Immediate results
  • Easy error correction
  • Integrates with Canvas
  • Many new features and conveniences
  • Better graphical analytics

Getting Started with Akindi

Akindi Paper Assessment


How students find ID for Akindi

For student grades to seamlessly be brought into Canvas from Akindi, student exams need to include their Person ID. This ID is different from their Student ID

When setting up the exam, instructors can have these printed on the sheets before handing them out to the class, or they can have students be prepared to write their Person ID on their bubble sheet.

Below is how students can find their Person ID in Wings. 


Scanning completed sheets and sending to Canvas


Akindi Online Assessment


Viewing Assessment Results



Akindi is our tool for paper-based assessments that leverage an online application. Akindi replaced our legacy Scantron system.