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Canvas Guides for Students

Canvas guides are great resources for how to use the different features in Canvas; from updating settings to submitting assignments.

Keep in mind not all resources/features mentioned in the guides may be available on our campus or enabled by your instructors. 

Getting started

Access to courses expanding section

Logging into Canvas for Students

  • Access is generally available at the start of the term.
  • New enrollments may take 24-48 hours for Canvas access.
  • If you are having trouble viewing/accessing a course on your Dashboard in Canvas;
    • first check the All Courses list.
      • Select the Courses icon under the Dashboard icon.
      • Click All Courses. 
      • If it's there, click the start next to it so it will be a favorite on your Dashboard. 
    • If it's not in the All Courses list, check with your instructor.
      • Not all faculty use Canvas. Find out if the course will be activated in Canvas.
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Set up notifications

  • Notifications can be set up one of four ways: notify me right away, daily summary, weekly summary, or don't send.
  • Notifications are applied to all your courses, they cannot be set up individually.
  • Update your ways to be contacted.

Change settings

  • Update language, email addresses and other contact methods. 

Update profile

  • Edit your profile picture, pronouns, and bio.
  • Cannot edit names in Canvas.  
Update course favorites and dashboard expanding section

Customize courses list

Update the courses that show up in your favorites list and on your dashboard.

  • You can also drag and drop the course cards on the dashboard to control what shows up first. 
  • If you want to organize even more you can control the color of the cards and give them nicknames: Card view dashboard
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Are you having difficulties with your coursework or taking tests? 
Go to the Student Success page to find the help you need.