Classroom technology upgrades

Keeping the classroom technology current and innovative is important to us. This page showcases current and recently completed classroom updates.

General access classrooms with technology that is five years old or more may need a technology upgrade to keep the technology current. Once a classroom is selected for and upgrade, ITS will contact the representing Dean of that space to discuss the upgrade. This allows the Dean to consult with faculty if the upgrade changes the space in some way. 

Typicallyupgrades do not change the function of the classroom. It is always advantageous for a faculty to make suggestions either to ITS or your Dean if there are changes you would like to see. General access classroom upgrades are funded through ITS and facilities.

Annette Recital Hall expanding section

Installation of a new AV system to include, projection, sound system, digital mixing, video camera and occupancy monitors, automated audio recording and intercom system.  

Stadium Visitor Locker Room expanding section

Will be adding multiple displays and laptop connections with auxiliary audio.  System is for game reviews.

Eagle Rec Center Aerobics Room expanding section

Upgrade sound system to add voice over music abilities and better user interface.

Wimberly rooms 112, 114,118,137,142, 143 & 335 expanding section

Upgraded in August 2017 with a new instructor podium, AIO PC computer, control system and lamp less laser projector.

Centennial 3212 Active Learning Space expanding section

Recently redesigned as an active learning space for the School of Education.  It features eight interactive SMART Displays, wireless display technology for the simultaneously sharing of content from cell phones, iPads, and laptops.  It also features videoconferencing, centralized instructor station, dual projection displays for classroom lecture, and lamp less laser projectors.

Centennial 1200- Conference Room-Summer 2016 expanding section

Recently upgraded with new furniture, large screen display, AIO computer with wireless keyboard/mouse, connections for a laptop and source control switching system.

HSC Physician's Assistant Patient/Lab rooms expanding section

Three lab rooms received intercom communication system and recording capabilities in three exam rooms used for practice patient simulations.

CFA 141 expanding section

Recently updated with a new instructor podium, AIO Mac computer, control system and new lamp less laser projectors.

CFA 145 Graphics Lab expanding section

Upgraded with a large screen display, control system and laptop connections. 

Stadium Home Locker room expanding section

Installed projector and laptop connections with auxiliary audio.  System is for game reviews.

Eagle Rec New PA and Paging Audio System expanding section

Eagle Recreational Hall received new PA system in fall of 2016.  

Eagle Rec Center Conditioning Room expanding section

Upgraded Sound System with voice over music capability and touch control interface.

Eagle Hall Conference Room expanding section

Installed large screen display with control system and PC.

Baseball Field Sound System expanding section

Installed complete sound system with voice over music capability for practice and training.

Student Center Conference Rooms expanding section

Six conferences rooms with large screen display, control systems and laptop connections were completed.  These were not part of the original building plan.

Digital Signage in CFA expanding section

Now has five more digital signage displays at various locations.

Campus Climate expanding section

Installed new large screen display with computer for showing videos and signage